Feature Updates

Greetings Season Kingdom Players!

What a week it's been~~ we've been keeping an eye on everyone's progress and are ASTOUNDED at some of the amazing farms, builds, and grinders you've all started making. Along with the hard work that you're all putting in, our developers continue to fix bugs as fast as you're putting them in AS WELL as finding time to add new content. Phew! Time to find a quiet, soft corner to curl up in whilst you all read this week's update...

Features Include:
+ ADDED Ability to create a Discord channel for your land (Type "!l channel create <land_name>" in Discord)
+ ADDED Ability to allow non-latin letters in land names, like chinese characters, öäü etc.
+ ADDED Ability to ban players from your land with /l ban
+ ADDED Ability for Ultimate rank or above to change your skin with /nick
+ ADDED AFK Indicator

Thank you, hope you're having fun on Season Kingdom!

Season Kingdom Development Team