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Economy & Combat Update

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Hello Season Kingdom players!
It had been a few weeks since we published a new update and we are super excited to publish our latest economy and combat update!

[+] Server Shop
- "/shop" to open the shop interface
- You can only buy an item if it's in stock
[+] Auction
- "/auction" to open the auction interface
- "/auction start" to publish an item on the auction
[+] Mob Health Indicator
[-] Attack Cooldown
[+] Attack Damage Indicator
[+] Reset Resource World
[+] Increased Render Distance

Thank you for all of your support!

Season Kingdom Development Team

Building Competition Results

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Group: Individuals
Champion: steam222 [Legend Rank]
1st Runner Up: MLT_A_Ru [Titan Rank]
2nd Runner Up: ComeToPaPa [Elite Rank]

Group: Lands
*No valid entry*

🎉 Congratulations to all winners!

Coronavirus Building Competition

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Not only does coronavirus affect our lives but also the way we behave. It puts us all in a strange situation we have never experienced before. But even though it is one of the most dangerous pandemics ever seen, its one of the few things that affects us all apart from culture, country or nation. We respect the elders by staying home and not let the Virus spread. We are sitting at home and play Minecraft and now you will have the chance to address the coronavirus and build something about this topic. What mood does it put you in? Are you sad because many people died or are you bored because social life is put on ice? Are you scared because there is no cure yet or happy because school is canceled? We are more than happy and excited to see what you come up with. We are looking forward to see people teaming up against the coronavirus and build something to Display their thoughts about the whole situation. You can build a Monuments, schools, cities, whatever comes in your mind when you...

Forum Upgrade

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Hello Season Kingdom players!

As many of you are already aware, we carried out some important maintenance today to apply some crucial updates. Specifically, this included changing the forum software we're using from Flarum to XenForo, and adding some important and useful features.

(Updates will be posted on our forums from now on)

Thank you for your patience during the downtime, and hope you're having fun on Season Kingdom!

Season Kingdom Development Team

The Big Box Event Winners

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Hello Season Kingdom players!

The Big Box Event has ended at 8PM (HKT/CST/GMT+8), and I'm here to announce the winners of the event!

1st Place - X2jm [20 USD PayPal]
2nd Place - YoHK [15 USD PayPal]
3rd Place - MLT_A_Ru [10 USD PayPal]

Honourable Mentions:
- hazellai716
- Charles_Hin
- Clarence_1357
- xXSnowMoXx

For the chest rewards, we will have to analyse the data and sum up the points before we're able to announce the rewards (probably takes a day or so, but we'll complete it as soon as possible)

🎉 Congratulations to all winners! (Please contact me in private with your PayPal email address in order to receive your rewards, thank you) Note: Feel free to tell us if you would like to purchase something on our store with your cash reward to prevent PayPal transaction fees ; )

Season Kingdom Events Team

The Big Box Event

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Hello Season Kingdom players!

We are happy to announce that The Big Box Event will be starting at 8PM GMT+8 (Hong Kong Time) until 8PM tomorrow.

The event will consist of 3 stages. There are 4 optional routes for stage 1, which includes parkour, maze and find the button. The second stage is a big maze with two rooms, and the third stage is a space parkour.

There will be chests laid all over the map, you will be able to get point/prizes by opening these.

Rewards include:
- Champion: 20 USD PayPal
- 1st Runner Up: 15 USD PayPal
- 2nd Runner Up: 10 USD PayPal
... and more!

Have fun and see you tonight : D

Season Kingdom Events Team

Security Updates

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Hello Season Kingdom players!

This week I have been busy looking for server security exploits and trying to fix them one by one.

Here are the major security measures we have added:
[+] Spambot Attack Protection
[+] Enforced DDOS Protection
[+] Proxy Ping Spam Protection
[+] Fixed Forge and Fabric detector (Also blocks of popular hacked clients)

Thank you for all of your support for Season Kingdom!

Season Kingdom Development Team

Staff Application is now open!

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Hello Season Kingdom players!

Our staff application is now open! The details are listed in the forum post linked below.

- 16 Years old or above
- Played for at least four weeks
- Active on our Discord server
- Not staff on another server


Season Kingdom Administration Team

Feature Updates

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Greetings Season Kingdom Players!

What a week it's been~~ we've been keeping an eye on everyone's progress and are ASTOUNDED at some of the amazing farms, builds, and grinders you've all started making. Along with the hard work that you're all putting in, our developers continue to fix bugs as fast as you're putting them in AS WELL as finding time to add new content. Phew! Time to find a quiet, soft corner to curl up in whilst you all read this week's update...

Features Include:
+ ADDED Ability to create a Discord channel for your land (Type "!l channel create <land_name>" in Discord)
+ ADDED Ability to allow non-latin letters in land names, like chinese characters, öäü etc.
+ ADDED Ability to ban players from your land with /l ban
+ ADDED Ability for Ultimate rank or above to change your skin with /nick
+ ADDED AFK Indicator

Thank you, hope you're having fun on Season Kingdom!

Season Kingdom Development Team

Website Release

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Hello Season Kingdom players!

It's official, it has been almost three weeks since the official release of Season Kingdom II! We have seen all of your suggestions and really appreciate the feedback! The developers have been busy smashing those bugs, improving server performance and we are happy to announce that our server website is finally released!

Website Link:

Feel free to report any bugs or request features at!
Thank you and have a great day!

Season Kingdom Development Team

Dragon Update

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Hello Season Kingdom players!
Today we are going to release the Dragon Update, the details are as follows:

The dragon will:
- Have 800 Health (400 hearts)
- Deal 20 Damage (10 Hearts)
- Drop 3-6 Stabilized Obsidian

By putting 8 stabilized obsidian around a dragon head, elytra, diamond leggings, or boots in a crafting table, you will receive one piece of 'Dragon Armor', which you can fly in your land if you are wearing a full set of it.

We hope you will love this update <3

Season Kingdom Development Team

Seven Dwarfs Event Winners

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Hello Season Kingdom players!

The 'Seven Dwarfs' event has ended, and I'm here to announce the winners of the event!

1st Place - Clarence_1357 [15 USD Store Voucher & 8 Diamond Blocks]
2nd Place - Ruth1a [10 USD Store Voucher & 8 Diamond Blocks]
3rd Place - Charles_Hin [5 USD Store Voucher & 8 Diamond Blocks]

Honourable Mentions - YoHK, ZettaiNoA0 [8 Diamond Blocks]

Congratulations to all winners 🎉

Season Kingdom Events Team

Seven Dwarfs Event

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Hello Season Kingdom players!

We are over 168 hours into the release of Season Kingdom II and so far it has been a blast! We really appreciate all of the feedback you guys are giving.

Today, we are holding the long awaited 'Seven Dwarfs' event. Players have to find the 7 chests in the dwarf houses located on the surface of a 1000x1000 map (Chests might be hidden in sneaky little places in the houses, and some of which might require you to sit on slabs and stairs in order to get to them)

Have fun and we are looking forward to seeing you in the event!

Season Kingdom Events Team

Season Kingdom II Release

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Hello Season Kingdom players!

I’m proud to announce that the release of Season Kingdom II Minecraft Survival Server will be held at March 1, 2020 12 PM GMT+8 (Hong Kong Time).

How it works?
In Season Kingdom II, every season consist of 4 weeks and there will be improvements, feature updates, or events every single week.

Discord Server
Feel free to join our new SK2 Discord server at

We are looking forward to seeing you at Season Kingdom II! Thank you for being such an amazing community,

Season Kingdom Administration Team

Season Kingdom II Discord is Now Open!

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Hello Season Kingdom players!

It is our pleasure to announce the release of our new Discord Server for Season Kingdom II! This will be the place to go to ask all Season Kingdom related questions. This is where our staff will be focused on answering questions.

Discord Link
The link to the new Season Kingdom Discord is:

We hope that the new discord becomes a fun and inviting community for everyone to hang out! We will have voice channels and Season Kingdom related discussions.


Season Kingdom Staff Team

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